• We continue to support the best students of Civil Engineering of the University of Minho, this year with the award of seven merit scholarships, two more scholarships after the five granted in previous years.
  • Two works of the dstgroup nominated for the "Oscars of Real Estate" in 2018: The Designer Outlet Algarve in the category of Shopping Centers and headquarters of Abreu Advogados in the category of Offices.
  • We received another distinction! The Euromoney Real Estate Award Survey in 2017 in the category "Best Developers, Industrial / Warehouse Portugal".
  • Daniel Jonas is the winner of the dst Grand Prize for Literature XXIII with the work "Oblívio".


  • Various distinguished and award-winning works, such as the Lisbon 8 Building; the Paiva Walkways; the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology; the Port of Leixões Cruise Terminal, and the head office of Abreu Advogados.
  • Reinforced implementation of the 5S methodology across the group: works and offices.
  • Mário Cláudio is the big winner of the 22nd dst Literary Award, with the work “Astronomy”.
  • We were visited by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Chulmin Park, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, Karima Benyaich, and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Environment of Timor-Leste, Constâncio da Conceição Pinto.


  • dst, s.a. achieved the first place at the ranking '500 Maiores & Melhores Empresas' of the Exame magazine, of Expresso in the construction category 
  • Sonja Hamad wins the dst 2016 International Photography Award Emergentes with the photografic work “Jin - Jiyan - Azadi | Women, Life, Freedom - The Kurdish Freedom Fighters”. 
  • Manuel Alegre wins the dst XXI Grand Prize for Literature with “Bairro Ocidental”


  • dst Group celebrated the XX edition of the dst Grand Prize for Literature, awarded to "Cláudio e Constantino", by the author Luísa Costa Gomes.


  • Protocol with the University of Minho to implement the Merit Grants program in Civil Engineering.


  • dst group achieved the best results ever in 2013.
  • Inauguration of the manicure room, a Christmas gift to the employees of the dst group.
  • Completion of the investment of around 85 million euros in the Next Generation Networks (NGN) North and Alentejo and Algarve.
  • Renovation of the restaurante M.
  • Commitment of dst group to innovation: creation of the innovation box, launch of the decidinovar campaign and implementation of the daily half-hour of innovation.
  • Third edition of the dst Advanced Management Program at Oporto Business School, designed for 26 employees and representing an investment of over 200 thousand euros.


  • Reinforcement of the commitment to internationalization, with the debut into the Mozambican market and the strong growth of the international volume of business.
  • Implementation of the 2MW photovoltaic solar central project and creation of PIP Solar, promoter of the project.
  • Strong commitment to Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) and certification of the RDI Management System under the norm NP 4457.
  • Construction of the "dst Sports Campus" and promotion of the "collective organic gardens" initiative.
  • Exame magazine, in partnership with Accenture, distinguishes dst group as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal.


  • dst Group is awarded the Excellence in Work Prize in the Construction, Infrastructure and Transport Management sector and ranks 2nd in the top 5 in the Large Companies category.


  • Launch of the mobile application Vocation, developed by innovation point.
  • Presentation of the "Transportable Touristic Tower" (ttt) as the second Portuguese pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.
  • Exame magazine in partnership with Heidrick & Struggles (H & S) distinguishes dst group as one of the best large companies to work for in Portugal.
  • Creation of the award “dst Emergentes”, worth € 7,500, which aims to award annually the best work of photography at the international level. The award is organized by "Encontros da Imagem", one of the largest initiatives in the field of visual arts in Portugal.


  • Construction of the Et3 Energic modular technology prototype - self-sustainable housing.
  • Exame Magazine in partnership with Heidrick & Struggles (H & S) elects dst, S.A. as the 8th best large company to work for in Portugal.


  • Spin-off’s: independence, by way of spin-off, of six business units - extraction of aggregates, geotechnics, ready-mix concrete, ornamental stones and metalworking - with an investment equivalent to 12 million euros and recruitment of 200 new employees, 50 of whom are senior management.
  • Transfer of ready-mixed concrete plant from the municipality of Melgaço to the Paredes Business Park.
  • New extension of the central administrative building.
  • Establishment of a Branch in Vigo, Spain.
  • Exame magazine in partnership with Heidrick & Struggles (H & S) elects dst, S.A. as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal.


  • Installation of a ready-mix concrete plant in the municipality of Melgaço to meet the needs of the Alto Minho I Wind Farm.
  • Opening of offices in Lisbon, Travessa do Alecrim, no. 3 - 2nd floor.
  • Commitment to internationalization with the participation in WAY2B, ACE (CGC).
  • Expansion of metalworking facilities.
  • Extension of the facilities of the materials park and the geotechnical department.
  • Great Place to Work Institute elects dst, S.A. as the best civil construction and public works company to work for in Portugal.


  • Construction of a pavilion for the creation of a vocational training centre and warehouses for materials.
  • Extension of the central administrative building.
  • Constitution of the Fundação da Bienal de Cerveira (Cerveira Biennial Foundation), whose board of directors is chaired by the local mayor, José Manuel Carpinteira, assisted by Fernando Nogueira, deputy mayor of the municipality, Henrique Silva, director of the art biennial, José Teixeira, CEO of dst Group, and Carlos Dias, professor at the University of Minho.


  • Restructuring of the dst Group corporate structure, with a view to optimizing the allocation of resources, generating synergies and consolidating and leveraging the group's presence in the market.
  • The Grand Prize for Literature becomes national in scope, initiative that is intended to award every year a work in Portuguese, by a Portuguese author.


  • Installation of a ready-mix concrete plant in the municipality of Guimarães.
  • Construction of the pavilion for the ornamental stone production plant.


  • Construction of the pavilion for the Wood production centre.
  • Construction of the pavilion adjoining the central workshops and archive.


  • Relocation of headquarters and centralization of all activity (administrative, technical and logistics) in the dst complex at Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.
  • Installation of a ready-mix concrete plant in the municipality of Trofa.


  • Start of construction of the dst complex at Pitancinhos, Palmeira (Braga), including the pavilion for dte facilities, mechanical and light metalwork workshop, the central administrative building and the administrative building of the materials and logistics park.
  • Start of the construction of the dst complex in Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.
  • Commitment on another new and promising area of ​​business: metalwork.


  • Restructuring of the group: establishment of the holding company dstsgps, S.A.
  • Integration of the assets of carpentry Móveis Tinoleite & Filhos, Lda.
  • Relocation of the main yard to Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.


  • Duplication of the area occupied by the offices at the Edifício Olympus, Maximinos.
  • Expansion into the ornamental stone business area.


  • Establishment of a ready-mix concrete plant at Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.


  • Conversion to a public limited company: Domingos da Silva Teixeira, S.A.


  • Establishment of the dst Grand Prize for Literature.


  • Start of production of bituminous mixtures.


  • Relocation of the headquarters to Rua Cidade do Porto, n.º 79 (Olympus Building), Maximinos, Braga.


  • Acquisition of the “Monte Soeiro” Quarry, located in Pitancinhos, Palmeira, Braga.


  • Establishment of Domingos da Silva Teixeira & Filhos, Lda.

 Anos 70

  • Paving of sidewalks in Braga (ex: Hotel Turismo; Centro Comercial GoldCenter).

 Anos 40

  • Start of aggregate mining activity by the Silva Teixeira family.
  • Supply of materials for the construction of the 1.º de Maio Stadium, in Braga.