With the aim of achieving its strategic objectives, dst defined in its Management Policy, the following guidelines incorporated in three themes aimed at the customer, the assurance of levels of excellence in cost management and product/service quality, while also taking into account environmental sustainability and accident prevention, as well as the control of occupational hazards.

  • Ensure compliance with legal and statutory customer requirements, product / service conformity, operational capability and delivery deadlines, with a view to exceeding customer expectations;
  • Encourage greater interaction with clients with regard to the excellence of services provided, adding value through innovation and quality.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of the performance of the Quality Management System through the evaluation and monitoring of processes;
  • Define periodically a set of objectives with the aim of improving the performance of the company, its processes and products;
  • Empower training as a tool for improving skills;
  • Promote organizational alignment through the implementation of the new management model based on the Balanced Scorecard-BSC;
  • Seek continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System and consequently environmental performance;
  • Meet compliance obligations;
  • Engage in responsible and sustainable consumption of natural resources, reduce the use of hazardous products and reduce waste production thereby preventing pollution;
  • Affect all technical, financial and human resources required to implement Occupational Safety and Health;
  • Seek to control and review the activities developed by dst group, following the principle of prevention of injury and damage to health and the prevention of occupational risks involved;
  • Integrate best practices, procedures and control measures into tasks with flexibility;

Commit to complying with the provisions of the HSP (Health & Safety Plan) prepared for the execution of the contract and all OHHS (Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety) legislation applicable to the Sector.